Inspiring podcasters to find their perfect match

That’s where we come in and want to help find them the right cohost with our service.


The only site where we will help match you with the right co-host for your podcast. Have you thought about starting a podcast but didn’t want to do it alone? Maybe you started a podcast with a co-host, but then he or she flaked? Or, did you think your co-host was a fit only to find out that he or she wasn’t?

Whatever the reason or inspiration for your search, we understand because we went through the same thing. That’s why we launched this site and service to help you find the right co-host to take your podcast to the next level.

Find a Co-Host™  soft launched at the end of 2021 and began matching in 2022. Since we are still a fairly new service, we will be offering the matching in beta mode as a white glove service. This means that your information will be safely captured and we personally review every application. It’s our mission to ensure that you find the right co-host match for your podcast.

How it Works

You will fill out our questionnaire with all your information about yourself, your podcast (or potential podcast), and of course, what you are looking for in a match for your perfect co-host. We will obtain the data and then, message you within 48 business hours with basic information about potential matches. The basic information will include:

  • Whether or not he/she currently has a podcast
  • Whether or not he/she is local to you
  • How often the podcaster wants to record
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Podcast Genre
  • Preferred Language

Podcast Co-Host

As noted, the basic information provided to you for a potential podcast co-host will leave potential matches anonymous until both of you want to move forward with the match. After consent from both parties, we will send a warm introduction email and Find a Co-Host™ is no longer responsible for the relationship.

Not Compatible

However, if you find that you and your potential co-host match are not compatible, you may come back to our platform and ask for more matches. That’s correct. You may come back to us and ask for another match after paying our one time fee only while we are still in our beta mode.

Privacy Is Our Top Priority

We want to ensure you that your privacy is our top priority and reiterate that your information will only be shared with matches that you are interested in and approved to release your email address to. At that point, we will make the warm introduction from an authorized email from Find a Co-Host™. You will not receive emails from other sources and should report them immediately.